Hello World

So… here I’ll try to quickly explain who am I, what’s UnVC, what to expect from this blog, and why all of that matters.

My name is Catalin Braescu, I’m one of the GPs of UnVC Capital (more about our company down this post). My citizenship is Romanian, my main home is in France, I live mostly in Egypt, and I consider myself an European Union citizen first and foremost. At UnVC my role is mainly about strategic decisions, developing business models, and handling the financial processes. According to at least one of the other 2 GPs, I’m also responsible for about 90% of the mistakes of our business (frankly I think her estimation is conservative).

UnVC Capital is a US-based private equity firm which I usually describe as “imagine if 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway had a baby…” Beside that we’re in no way affiliated with these fine entities, don’t have their billions, assets, teams, industry clout, public image, we’re kinda like them. Sort of. I mean, yeah.

So at UnVC we’re keeping ourselves busy with mainly 3 lines of business:

  1. buying private companies (mainly in Egypt, mainly fintech / internet / financial services) in order to consolidate them into a mega player listed on either EGX or Nasdaq Dubai in 2021-2022; the brand for this business line is Ofaly;
  2. backing up a few homegrown global startups which are aiming for unicorn status;
  3. helping select Arab startups survive and even prosper.

While UnVC.com hosts some information about our company, don’t expect much data here – we’re quite discrete about ourselves. To compensate, I’ll publish here a blog / vlog: both text and videos which will allow me to talk about our investment thesis, our business principles, our views on this or that business topics, our successes (which are usually won by my fellow GPs) and also our failures (customarily my responsibility).

Would all this interest you? Frankly, I have no idea. But sure as hell I’ll strive to write regularly, keep you entertained, offer you candid opinions, and in general make you understand it’s better if we do business together.